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General Visa Information


General Visa Information

Nowadays, there are many people living overseas who has try to apply for their Iran Visas online, but due to the limited number of agencies with online facilities & official licenses to apply for your Iran visa requests directly in foreign minister of affairs head office in Tehran, many of these requests are collected by individuals who’s running their business on the phones, emails and etc… which has caused many complaints regarding Iran visa process. As a result, we’ve decided to design our website where you can apply for Iran visa application online through our Travel agency & gather all needed & reliable informations about Iran visa process first hand. so Please ensure all the correspondence regarding your visa applications & payments are collected by reliable and registered travel agencies in Tehran.


Official Translation

  • All Iran travelers (other than Turkey- Lebanon-Syria-Malaysia-Azerbaijan Passports) need Iran visa label on their passport.
  • Iran visa label can be only attach on your passport in one of Iranian embassies or at visa section on your arrival at one of international airports e.g. Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad airports in Iran.
  • To Attach Iran visa label on your passport, you will need a reference number (confirmation of your visa from MFA Office in Iran)
  • What we do is requesting Iran visa for you from MFA office in Iran and send confirmation of your visa (as a reference number/Authorization code) to you and your nominated Iran Embassy or visa sections in one of international airports. Then you can approach your requested Iran embassy or consulate in airport and pay the Visa fees for your Iran visa labels and ask them to attach your visa label on your passport.
  • This process normally takes about 10 days in Iran embassies and about 1 hour in airport visa sections in Iran, but if you are in a hurry, you can ask Iran embassies to apply urgent (Express) visa label for you, in that case it will takes about 3 days to embassy attach your Iran visa label on your passport but it will cost 20-30 Euros extra for you.
  • Please note that price of Iran visa labels (which you should pay to embassy or consulate in airports directly (as stamps fees) are different than our agency fee which we collect to send the reference number (confirmation of your visa from MFA office in Tehran) to you.
  • There are two ways to complete this visa process. first is to get you reference number thorough orient travel agency and attach you visa label through the embassy prior to your travel to Iran. the second way is to obtain your reference number from our travel agency and attach your visa label on your arrival in one of consulates located in international airports in Iran.
  • Important note: we don’t recommend to Iran travelers to travel without reference number (confirmation of your visa from MFA office in Tehran) because:

1- it has the risk of rejecting your visa request in airport then you will be deported by authorities.

2- without reference number your visa label will be cost 40 – 50 Euros extra than our passengers with reference number.

3- without reference number you should spend at least one or two hours extra in airport till consulate in airport process all security checks on you (and the chance of approving Iran visas at airport is about 70% no matter how many times you have been traveled to Iran) so we always recommend the safe and cheapest option which is processing your visa through orient travel agency and get confirmation of your visa as a reference number , before your travel to Iran (no matter where you want to issue your visa at airport or Iran embassies ) because Our agency is committed to ensure you have a stress-free travel to our beautiful country, Iran and that’s why we recommend to obtaining the reference number through our travel agency.

  • maximum duration of all types of Iran visas are 30 Days but we can extend the duration of your visa (in your presence) at one of Iranian diplomatic police offices in Iran and we able to extend duration of your visa for another 30 days. this can be done twice, which gives you the maximum visa duration of 90 days in total.
  • After we send your reference number to you, and your nominated embassy or airport you have one month time to approach Iran embassy/ Airport and attach your Iran visa label to your passport. Once you have your visa label attached to your passport, you will have 3 months’ time to travel to Iran. Please note your visa will be expire if you don’t travel within 3 months to Iran and you must apply again for another visa and reference number.
  • Once you submitted all your documents to us, and complete your payment we will send your reference number. Please note this process is non-refundable. but if for any reason, we fail to obtain your reference number, we will refund your money back.

Price of visa labels for different nationalities